Group Therapy

Group Therapy is designed for my clients with reactive dogs.  You must have first done an In Home Assessment and be on a modification program with me, to attend.

Your dog will learn how to focus on you the owner while around other people and dogs. Your reactive dog will not have time to bark, lunge or react as we continually move the mind forward with some excellent focusing exercises. (See my Reactive Dog Class video here).

We will create a positive, trusting environment where these dogs and their owners can develop a better relationship on lead.

Most people with reactive dogs struggle to practice around other dogs due to the unfair judgement of others.  You will be taught how to respond when your dog reacts, how to change the outcome and regather and move forward.

At no time will you be made to feel that you have a bad dog or you are a bad owner.

Group Therapy is about building the dog’s confidence and ability to stay calm around other dogs. We also work to develop the human behind the dog. When we have human and dog working in harmony, projecting calm confidence the results are exceptional.

It’s also important to know that having a reactive dog doesn’t mean you have an aggressive dog.


Today’s group therapy for reactive dogs….. AWESOMENESS!!

Give me a call on 0488 908 048 to find out more about my Group Therapy class for your reactive dog.