Puppy Program

Ideal for people living in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Tewantin, Peregian Springs, Doonan, Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Beach.

Owning a new puppy can be challenging if you haven’t got clear guidance and direction. My new puppy program is superior to any puppy school as it gives you much more of a holistic approach to your puppy’s development with unlimited socialisation exposure.

This well-balanced program will see your dog go from strength to strength along with your understanding of dog’s psychology.

The program consists of:

  • An in-home puppy set up consult for around 1.5 to 2 hours
  • 3 one on one obedience sessions at my Doonan training centre for around 30-45 minutes
  • Weekly access to my simply social class for dogs of all ages
  • Once your puppy is 5 months, you can then attend the Saturday morning confidence building, obedience & socialisation class.

Puppy in Home Training

The puppy in home consult is designed to help you structure up your home to promote good sleeping habits with highly affective crate training methods. Sort out your toilet training problems quickly and effectively. Ensure you aren’t setting your puppy up for separation anxiety problems and a clear understanding of how rules and boundaries creates a mentally happy and stable dog.

I’m looking to educate all owners on how to prevent behavioural problems such as; barking, separation anxiety, excitement, digging, destructive behaviours and so on.

1 on 1 Puppy Obedience Training Sessions

These 3 sessions are obedience based. In these sessions you will be given homework to build your puppies obedience and focus.

  • Walking on Lead (Heel)
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Drop
  • Watch
  • Place Command


Weekly access to the Simply Social Classes

You can start attending the simply social classes straight away as long as your puppy has had 1 vaccination.

This class is designed to develop your dog’s social etiquette. This is not a play session, this is dogs learning how to hang out, to better understand other dog’s energy, temperament, body language etc. Ultimately, my methods are aimed at creating neutral dogs. Dogs that can function in society without excitement, whether they see other dogs, people or any other distraction. When your dog has been clearly shown what to do in a controlled and structured environment, along with your daily leadership program at home, you’ll find they respond accordingly.

Simply Social Class video

This afternoon’s simply social classes were again, great.Youngest dog was 12 weeks, oldest 3 years.Some really good social development with all the dogs.

Posted by Kat's 4 Dogs on Wednesday, 2 September 2020


Once your puppy is 5 months, you can then progress to the Confidence Building, Obedience and Socialisation class.

As you can see, this program addresses your puppies every need. Kats 4 Dogs Puppy Program gives you weekly access to speak to me and stay on top of your puppy’s development. This program is designed for people who really want their puppies to be happy and mentally stable, are prepared to work hard and give the puppy what it needs over what the human wants.

If you are serious about your puppy’s mentally health, I’m the right trainer for you.