Reactive Dog Program

Kat’s 4 Dogs reactive dog program is for dogs that:

  • React to other dogs/animals on lead.
  • Show aggression towards people or dogs on lead.
  • Get over excited towards other dogs or people on lead.
  • Struggle to remain calm in public.
  • Squeal, bark, spin, jump and pull when on lead in public.
  • Struggle to stay focused when on lead.

Whether through fear/excitement/ anxiety this program will help you build a better and stronger relationship with your dog. The fact of the matter is, I’ve never worked with a reactive dog that didn’t have major insecurities. Creating leadership will assist you in building your dog’s confidence and self-esteem.

The program consists of:

  1. Minimum of 2 in home consultations
  2. Three 1 on 1 real life exposure walks (with an option for more).

In Home Consultation and Assessment: 

Most people think that because they own a reactive dog that we simply target that behaviour. To simply do sessions around other dogs and chip away. With my holistic approach, we address all behaviours.

I will first assess the relationship between owner and dog in the home. If the relationship is not based on leadership, trying to modify behaviours is very difficult. After doing a full assessment, I will then write you a life style program. I will give you 2 weeks to start your rehab journey and then be back to reassess. Changing a relationship can take time particularly if your association to your dog is an unhealthy one. You need to be a leader your dog wants to follow and trust. If your dog doesn’t value your relationship, rehab can be tough. This is why at Kats 4 Dogs the focus is always going to start with your relationship.

What’s important is that you no longer think as dog training as a session a day, it’s a lifestyle. It’s how you live with your dog daily, it’s how you show up every day, it’s your consistency, it’s yourself believe, it’s your ability to roll with the punches and understanding that you aren’t up for negotiation.

Establishing a solid foundation at home is what will help with your new life style unfold into positive and worthwhile results.