About Katrina Boyd

Let me introduce myself, my name is Katrina Boyd (Kat) and I am a Dog Trainer & Behavioural Expert in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

I’ve been a dog trainer on the Sunshine Coast since 2013 and have built an extremely loyal customer base. The results speak for themselves. Previously I ran a very successful dog training business in Sydney. I’ve been a professional dog behavioural trainer for 14 years.

My promise to you is I will be with you the whole way through your dog’s training and rehabilitation stage and provide ongoing support.

Customer service means so much to me and ensuring you and your dog’s welfare and happiness is my passion. I want to see more dogs stay in the family home environment and out of rescue centres.

My dog training methods

  • I will not ask you to throw things near or around your dog to scare them. These methods will not work.

  • You will not see me arrive with a pocket full of treats or a water bottle to spray in your dog’s face.

  • I don’t believe in harsh methods such as hitting or yelling, this will only create fear in your dogs.

  • I’m honest and up front and will only work with people prepared to make changes for the better.
  • I will help you create clear rules and boundaries in your home to establish leadership, trust and respect.

If you are truly looking to create a trusting and respectful relationship, your calm yet assertive energy is the key, your dog understands very quickly when he is in the presence of good energy. I will explain and show you how to achieve this. There is so much you need to know about dog training and I’m here to help you understand your role in helping your dog become balanced.

Dog psychology, not human psychology

It is important that I think like a dog, not a human. This is why my methods are based on dog psychology not human psychology.

My main focus is on your dog’s state of mind. So often we think a dog is happy if it’s over excited or if it is obsessed or unable to calm down, in fact these states of mind are unhealthy in the dog world. In dogs with these issues you will probably notice they suffer with some form of anxiety as well.

For me, it’s important to find out why your dog has a behavioural problem. Once I’ve assessed the home environment and determined the reason behind the behaviour we can start the rehabilitation process.

Kat’s 4 Dogs is all about creating calm assertive leadership and guidance your dog will benefit from in so many ways. If we learn to fulfil our dog’s needs both mentally and physically you will have a happy stable companion.

All my sessions are designed for you and your dog and are specific to your environment. To me, a truly educated dog lover always ensures their dog’s needs are met first.

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