pack dogs

Village Pack Dogs

Have you ever had the opportunity to see dogs functioning as a pack without too much human influence?

I had a couple of day trips to some small islands in the South Pacific recently and I was very excited to see stray dogs everywhere. However, on closer inspection I could see these pack dogs were not in good physical shape. I guess that is to be expected in this sort of environment.

What I did see though was a very healthy functioning ...

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Kat’s 4 Dogs Puppy Pre School a step ahead!

Why are we a step ahead? Well I believe I run an extremely educational program but most importantly we only allow structured and off lead controlled socialising.

Most people assume puppy school is just a place to take your puppy to learn obedience i.e. sit, stay, drop.  At Kat’s 4 Dogs Puppy Pre Schools you will walk away with more than you could ever imagine.

Firstly, most people don’t truly understand what socialising means. So many people assume their dog is social ...

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Separation Anxiety in dogs!

Separation Anxiety is an extremely common problem with domestic dogs! Why is this so?

Dogs are a pack animal and their need to be near their pack is instinctual. Whilst we cannot change their instincts we can condition them to being left on their own.

One of the biggest mistakes we make which is one of the causes of separation anxiety is not conditioning your new puppy to being on its own. So often we get new puppies and spend as much ...

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Rescuing Romeo

Head over heart – Rescuing Romeo!

BeingHead over heart – Rescuing Romeo

On 25th November 2014 I rescued Romeo, a 3 year old English staffy from the local RSCPA. Being a Dog Trainer on the Sunshine Coast I was lucky enough to get good access to Romeo on the day and was even allowed to take him for half a day to assess him. Head over heart when rescuing Romeo was the key.

From what I understand I was to be Romeo’s fourth home in three years. Scary!! ...

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Christmas Puppies are a risky gift if you are not prepared!!

Christmas Puppies

are a risky gift if you are not prepared!!

Well, it’s that time of year, and for a lot of households look at getting a Christmas puppy.

Will it be this year a new puppy arrives in the Christmas stocking for the family to enjoy?

Pick the right dog

Firstly, it is important that you pick the right dog for you and your family. For example, if you work long hours and live in a small apartment I wouldn’t recommend a high ...

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Rescuing a Shelter Dog

Rescuing a Shelter Dog

Thinking of rescuing a shelter dog?

If you are looking at getting a new dog and are thinking of rescuing a shelter dog, please ensure you are prepared for the challenges it may present.

In the last few months I’ve seen quite a few clients that are having issues with their new addition to the family. Rescuing a shelter dog is a great option and a great way of getting a new dog but it’s important you ensure you are the right ...

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Nuisance Barking

Barking is one of the most common problems owners have with their dogs. But is it really your dog’s fault?

We are quickly annoyed if our dogs bark constantly or at everything in sight. We get angry at them, we yell at them but what we don’t do is try to find out why they are barking.

Dogs bark for many reasons and it’s natural to a certain degree but if your dog is barking continually it needs to be addressed properly. ...

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Dog’s Behaviour Training, Sunshine Coast

Dog’s behaviour making life difficult for you and your family?

Do you put off or miss out on trips /events /outings because of your dog’s behaviour?

Are you scared of what you might return to when you leave your dog alone?

Do you get embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour in public?

Are you at a loss on how to change your dog’s behaviour?

Are you thinking your only option is to get rid of your dog?

I’m here to help!!!

Hi, I’m Katrina Boyd (Kat) and I am ...

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Puppy Education article – Katrina Boyd shares tips and tricks

Puppy Education, Noosa-Today_20140717_P46

Used with kind permission of Noosa News.