Adolescent Class/Dog Obedience Training

Adolescent Class is designed for training dogs 5 months to 3 years.

This is the next group stage after Puppy School.

To join this great program, we would first need to do a 1 on 1 session in your home. There is no use focusing on obedience only. The first and most important thing is your relationship with your dog. Making sure you have rules and boundaries set at home and most importantly, established leadership. This way we can join the dots much more effectively.

What you and your dog will learn

In this obedience/behavioural class your dog will continue its learning and development.

Walking on lead is a big focus but you will also learn how to strengthen your dogs impulse control and ability to make good decisions.

Adolescent dogs can become distracted very easily, this course is designed to educate the owners on how to deal with their dogs in many situations.

My adolescent class/Obedience Class is more like a work shop, you won’t find any other like it on the coast.

In this class you will continue to build your dogs ability to focus on you. As we’ve already done in home training, this class will continue to build on the work you are doing at home. Joining these very crucial pieces of the puzzle will help get good development and a very happy stable dog.

Also, your relationship with your dog will continue to grow and strengthen. I will continue to guide you and direct you through the process, however, it’s importance you the human shows up daily for your dog. My goal is developing calm, responsive, respectful dogs. Clearly, this will not happen if the humans are not also working on themselves. For your dog to want to engage with you and follow you, he needs to see you as a leader. If dog and human aren’t on the same page, results will not be easy to achieve.

Once you complete this 4 week dog training course you can then attend the Saturday morning Confidence Building, obedience and Socialisation class along with access to my Wednesday evening Simply Social class. Pay as you go, so you don’t pay for something you may not use.

Adolescent Class dog training Sunshine Coast


Check out my adolescent class! All dogs aged between 6-7 months. Dog Training and Behavioural Expert.

Give Kat’s 4 Dogs a call on 0488 908 048 if you would like to find out more about my Adolescent/Obedience Class for your dog. Obedience Class on the Sunshine Coast. Classes run at Kat’s 4 Dogs Training Centre Doonan.

This is a 4 week course costing $160. Each session is 1 hour.