Puppy School Kat

Kat’s 4 Dogs Puppy Pre School a step ahead!

Why are we a step ahead? Well I believe I run an extremely educational program but most importantly we only allow structured and off lead controlled socialising.

Most people assume puppy school is just a place to take your puppy to learn obedience i.e. sit, stay, drop.  At Kat’s 4 Dogs Puppy Pre Schools you will walk away with more than you could ever imagine.

Firstly, most people don’t truly understand what socialising means. So many people assume their dog is social ...

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Rescuing Romeo

Head over heart – Rescuing Romeo!

BeingHead over heart – Rescuing Romeo

On 25th November 2014 I rescued Romeo, a 3 year old English staffy from the local RSCPA. Being a Dog Trainer on the Sunshine Coast I was lucky enough to get good access to Romeo on the day and was even allowed to take him for half a day to assess him. Head over heart when rescuing Romeo was the key.

From what I understand I was to be Romeo’s fourth home in three years. Scary!! ...

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